About MORE

We are a full service real estate company built to serve today's real estate buyers and sellers. It's no secret that the real estate industry has changed in the last decade. Much of this change has been resulted from the power of the Internet and we are poised to excel in this new environment. Our business model has traded the concept of “walk-in traffic” for “click-in traffic”. Our virtual office platform allows us to focus our resources on people and systems as opposed to facilities. We are highly mobile. We are flexible. We are professional. We are building a company that helps our associates take advantage of the changes that are occurring in the real estate industry. Our business model is built on the market that has arrived and the market that is ahead.. Our Vision

To be a leading real estate brokerage in over 100 metropolitan areas across the United States. Our Mission

To realize our vision, we are committed to creating a MORE™ remarkable real estate brokerage where MORE™ associates are the best real estate professionals in their respective real estate markets and deliver truly exceptional service and results for MORE™ customers and clients. Core Values

To fulfill our company vision and mission we will incorporate principle-centered professionalism, high ethical standards and innovative business practices and systems. We recognize honesty, integrity, and fairness in dealing with our clients, customers, and colleagues are critical to our success. We will provide quality training and education to our sales professionals. We will actively research and identify new technologies and tools to empower our sales professionals. Throughout our organization, we will commt ouselves to pursuiing excellence, accepting personal responsibility, and being good citizens.

We want to align ourselves with like-minded real estate professionals. Find out about MORE™ professional opportunities. And remember, Always Expect MORE™